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Free Backlink Generator: Get Quality Backlinks - 1000000

Free Backlink Generator: Get Quality Backlinks


Quality backlinks are critical for SEO. Use this free Backlink Maker to generate a large number of quality backlinks in a matter of seconds. Enter the website URL and click ‘Make Backlink’.


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Universally, search engine currently drives the most traffic to websites. It beats social by 300% and also does better than both direct and referral traffic.

The secret to getting a huge number of traffic to your website? Sit atop search engine results pages (SERPs).

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But how can you do that?

The answer: BACKLINKS!

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Together with quality content, backlinks form the most important factor for ranking high on some search engines, particularly Google.

In other words, if you need traffic, you need search. And to get search, you need backlinks.

And technically, if you joke with building backlinks you're joking with gaining good rankings on Google and other search engines.

But generating high-quality backlinks to your website isn't always the easiest of things to do. In fact, it could be an exacting task requiring a focused expertise to accomplish.

There are literally millions of websites on the Interweb and many more are being created every day. The competition to rank on top of search engines keeps getting stiffer among these websites day after day.

And it doesn't end there: After getting to the first page, you have to fight to stay there as there are usually competitors who constantly desire that position.

Thus, you have to use every legitimate tactic available to you (content, backlinks, etc.) to get to the top of search and remain there.

We understand the importance of backlinks. We also know that it is no easy job to createthem. That's why we've created this result-guaranteed, premium-quality backlink generator, Backlink  Maker by SmallSEOTools.


Backlink Maker is the web’s #1 tool for instantly generating quality backlinks to your website.

Built with SEO best practices in mind and in accordance with Google’s recommended link building guidelines, Backlink Maker does a clean job at building free high-value backlinks and bringing you closer to the top of SERPs.

You can generate a huge number of genuine, quality backlinks in a matter of seconds. It's like magic, but it's real.

It doesn't require any effort from your end other than entering your website URL and clicking on a button. The rest of the magic happens automatically, generating scads of backlinks right before your very own eyes while you're sitting there and probably sipping soda :-)


Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks that point towards your website or blog from other domains on the web.

They are also called inbound links, incoming links, and inlinks.

These links are one of the most important factors for search rankings. The more backlinks you have pointing back to your site, the better your site will perform in SERPs.

How, you'd ask?

In a way, search engines treat backlinks as a kind of recommendation or vote from the sites hosting the links. So if you have backlinks coming from reputable and authority sites, search engines will deem your site to be popular and valuable, thus raising your its rankings.

Put differently, search engines give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages.

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Hence, for online businesses, more links = more search traffic = more customers = revenue.

That's what makes backlinks important: they have a direct correlation with revenue.


Given Backlink Maker’s undeniable elaborateness and its ability to deliver amazing results, you may think that the tool won't be easy to use. But that's actually the opposite.

Backlink Maker is super-awesome in terms of features and delivery of results, yet it is super-easy to use. In fact, you can use the tool in just about three simple steps:

Step #1: Get on this page ( where you are right now.

Step #2: Enter the URL of the website you want to build backlinks for in the space provided.

Step #3: Click on the “Make Backlink” button to perform the magic.

The tool will immediately show you a list of relevant websites and then start generating the backlinks for your site from each of the sites in the list, automatically.

If a backlink is created successfully, you'll see the green ‘tick’ sign; if not, a red ‘x’ sign will appear, all under the “Status” column.

The newly created backlinks may not have immediate impact on your rankings. That's because the changes will take time to take effect on the indexes of search engines. But after some time, your search results will definitely improve.

We do have other relevant tools that can help you further in your backlinking and SEO efforts, including our awesome Backlink Checker, Link Tracker, and Keyword Position Checker tools.

In the world of search engine optimization, the biggest name gets to sit at the top of the search results. There are many ways to do this, but doing so organically is hard work. It’s tough to use all the elements of a web page to their maximum potential, but when you do, it is that much more rewarding to reap the rewards. Creating reliable backlinks to your site is one of the many ways to do this, especially if you have a new site you want to build up quickly.

Backlinks aren’t a very complicated concept to grasp if you’re new to SEO. They are simply links that lead you from one site to another. If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet, you will have come across articles linking you to other articles. That’s basically it.

Google Analytics uses backlinks as a measure of how well the site is doing; if there are a high number of backlinks, creators can rejoice, as these sites will get a higher ranking in organic searches.

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Why is that? Well, people typically don’t recommend a source of information unless it is valuable and correct. Therefore, a backlink is seen as a vote of confidence that your information is deemed good enough to be shared among more people. The more of these that you have, the more Google will be convinced that your site belongs closer to the top.

So, how do you generate backlinks? We’ll address that next.

What Is a Free Backlink Generator?

A backlink generator is an online tool that lets you add special SEO links to your content by creating them automatically from other websites. It’s simple how this works, really.

The internet contains a plethora of software that checks websites for various characteristics, including:

  • Quantity of traffic
  • Web host
  • IP address
  • Domain age
  • Google PageRank
  • Keyword rankings
  • Social shares
  • Security vulnerabilities

In addition, some of these technologies save and index each report that is generated for them. The Sitechecker backlink builder tool automatically generates such reports on these websites, resulting in free PR generation for your website.

Using a Free Backlink Generator (How To Use)

Now that you know what they are, it is time to understand the ins and outs of using this program. Luckily for you, we are providers of this very service.

Step1: Insert Your Domain

First and foremost, you will have to copy the URL of your website and paste it into the bar. Then, press enter.

Step 2: Results

In a matter of seconds, the search results will appear as a list of links.

Check Backlinks

You can click on any of these links to see where they lead and learn more about them.

Why Should I Use It?
According to Google’s Andrey Lipattsev, backlinks form the backbone of Google’s ranking requirements for the search signal. This has been the case ever since Google started ranking, and it has continued to this day. So, if you want to reach the top with organic SEO, you will have to take into account the use of backlinks and deal with them properly.

To Increase Your Rating
You have to make sure that all the links that will lead people to your website are of the highest quality possible. This is to ensure maximum exposure. Websites with a lot of strong backlinks will automatically rank higher in search engine results pages.
To Keep the Website Free of Spam Anchors
It is not unheard of to have your competitors intentionally add some bad backlinks to the mix, causing your anchor cloud to become spammy. The best way to respond is to use a disavow tool and to add some trustworthy links that do not contain anchor text.

To Increase the Traffic to Your New Website
When you create a new site, you may not have a large budget to work with. Luckily for you, generating good backlinks is neither expensive nor time-consuming. Many people believe that links are only built for SEO purposes, but backlinks are the most effective way to increase your authority and brand recognition across the internet. Our service gives you high-quality backlinks that are simple and free to use, which will help your site be seen by search engine bots.

To Speed Up New Site Indexing
Usually, it takes Google about 10 weeks to index a new backlink. This is, however, just a general estimate, and it can happen quicker. One way to ensure indexing takes less time is to have proper internal linking as well as backlinking, and our tool allows you to take care of that problem handily.

How to Use a Backlink Maker Properly
If you want to reach the top of Google search results, you won’t be able to do this by relying on just one tool. Combine it with additional tools to broaden the scope of your link-building strategy.

A backlink Maker is the fastest and most efficient solution for new websites to obtain their first backlinks in a matter of seconds.
Backlink Checker is an effective tool for discovering organic backlinks that have linked to your expanding website.
Backlink Tracker is a fantastic tool for determining which of your backlinks have the greatest impact on your rank in search results.
As a bonus, you can refer to this YouTube video to learn more about getting started without a huge budget backing you:

Check other of our awesome SEO tools!

Website Traffic Checker for Traffic Analytics

Website Traffic Checker is our data checking tool. With it, you can get and analyze your web traffic to optimize it. Get all the most important website traffic metrics that are important for evaluating the power and optimization of your resource.

Let’s briefly look at how Website Traffic Checker can help you improve your online business and what metrics you can track with it to optimize your resource.

Importance of Web Traffic Analysis and Monitoring
Analyzing traffic data about your site is an important process for promoting online, increasing search traffic and sales. Regardless of how big your site is and how many users it has, you should have a regular site audit. With it, you’ll get information about your user’s sources, check website visitors, your closest competitors, and what you need to fix to optimize your resource.

If you’re not examining how your site is performing and what results you’re achieving, then you’re missing out on potential visits and users every day. Every day there are new engagement metrics to measure a site’s success, but the basics in website traffic check remain.

Check website traffic if you’re a site owner to adjust your development plans, marketing activities and better understand the audiences for the product or service promotion.

Any site owner should monitor website traffic analysis and the audience’s sources to use this information to their advantage. The better and more detailed data you process, the better results you will get, and the better you can improve your resource.
What is more, it happens sometimes when non-indexable urls receive traffic. To fix the issue read the article in order not to have the problem with that.

Our Website Traffic Report Special Features
Let’s take a closer look at the key features of a website traffic estimator and how they will allow you to analyze your resource. Each section will give you important information about the performance of your resource so that you can continue to optimize and develop it in the right direction. We used for our website traffic analysis. In the screenshots below, you will find the actual data on our site.

In this section, you can lookup website traffic overview of recent traffic changes. How to check a websites traffic? View the traffic jumps, analyze which moments were good and what they were related to.

There you can view page visits per month, the average time your users spent on the site, and other useful website traffic metrics, like the percentage of visitors that leave a site without viewing a second page. Analyze the information and check website traffic free regularly to keep track of your site’s performance.

Keywords are one of the most important factors in increasing your search ranking. This section provides data on keywords that users can use to find you. Keywords help you find out which queries users are trying to find you on the Internet.

With this information, you can optimize your site’s content for better perception in search engines. That way you, can get more users.

The properly selected semantic core will help you to promote for relevant queries. Website organic traffic checking can help increase the ranking of your web site traffic stats on the web and bring you more users.

Backlink Checker - Check Backlinks Using Our Tool

When you link to another site on the pages of your site, this is called a backlink. Websites exchange such links to pass link weight and user traffic. Nevertheless, not all links can positively affect your site’s search engine ranking. While backlinking your link, you should pay attention to the authority of the sites and their subject. If you get backlinks from poor-quality sites, then the search engine may consider your site to be of poor quality as well. That’s why it’s important to check backlinks and see what sites link to you and what sites you are linking to.

We have developed a free tool called Backlink Checker, which analyzes the entire back link profile of the site you are linking to. You can use it for free to perform back link audits of your competitors as well. Your marketing research can benefit from information about your competitors’ backlinks, so our tool will also be useful for this task. We will tell you how and why you check back links with our Backlink tester tool.

Backlink Checker Usage: A Step-by-Step Guide
For competent promotion in search engines, you should pay attention to many factors. One significant factor is the quality and quantity of backlinks. Search engines recommend that you remove links to low-quality and toxic sites from your site. Otherwise, you can get penalized by the search engine and fall under sanctions. Then you’ll lose potential traffic and customers for your site, and you’ll fall out of search results.

We have developed a free Backlink Checker test tool to perform a thorough backlink audit of your website. The main purpose of our tracker software is to check back links and lookup the back link profile of any URL.

Well, our new analyzer tools are very easy to use. Using our website sitechecker. pro example below, we’ll show you how you can do a back link scan and analysis on your website in two simple steps.

Step 1: Insert your URL
Enter the URL page that interests you in our tool. It can be your site or those of your competitor domain. Then click on the arrow button and start analyzing.
Backlink crawler scanning  - use backlink checker tool for successful link building strategies
Step 2: Interpreting the Free Backlink Checker Results
After the scan is complete, you will view a detailed report on the status of backlinks. There will be both dofollow and nofollow links and the total baclinks and referring domains. Analyze this information and get rid of low-quality backlinks so as not to harm the promotion of your site in search engines. You can even download yours and competitive results.
Backlink Checker Link counter - use backlink checker for backlink analysis to detect spammy links for successful link building
Remember that backlinks are necessary for SEO. Quality links can help you in the race for traffic with your competitors. With a free backlink rating scanner tool, you can effortlessly review backlinks.

Cases When Backlink Checker is Needed
Backlinks to your site let search engines know that other sites think your site is authoritative. If many good sites link to your site, the search engine considers your site good and gives you more search engine rankings. If your content is linked to, your site is useful to users and can be shown in the search engine for user generator queries. Getting backlinks has a positive effect on your site’s opportunities and the amount of user traffic.

So, when can you benefit from using a backlinks site development strategy? You can make money from external links, but it will take a lot of time. For building a site’s link profile, you must determine useful content that users will want to share on their social networks, on their sites. Only quality text content attracts the attention of users and owners of other sites.

How can you get links? Create useful data and content, and the backlinks will find you. Exchange links with your partners. Write guest posts and offer them to the editors of popular sites. Many websites creator are glad to accept quality content and link to your site absolutely free with your keyword anchor! Another option is buying links. Even in this option, you need to track specific websites.

You need checking the quantity and quality of backlinks because not all of them are equally useful for your site. It happens that competitors may buy links to your site from low dr score quality and bad and spam resources to harm the promotion of your site. Backlinks from reputable and no spammy resources will benefit you and positively influence your search engine ranking. You get user incoming traffic while users will follow the link to your site. Also, even if they don’t, you’ll get link weight. Get mentions on reputable sites and increase your site’s ranking in search engine rankings.

To rank high in search engine results and get more organic traffic to your website, you are advised to monitor the quantity and quality of your linkbacks. Use Backlink finder to analyze your link profile, like you can do it with ahrefs. It is a completely free way to check and analyse backlinks, so don’t forget to check your site index regularly with checkers.
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How To Find Similar Websites: A Complete Guide

You want to start a site, and as part of the market survey, you need to know who your competitors are. If that situation is similar to your own and you have no idea how to go about it, then you’re in the right place. You can do this quite easily with a similar website finder; in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to use one effectively.

What Is a Similar Website Finder?
A similar website finder is a tool that you can use to find other websites that produce content similar to yours. These tools are available from a lot of providers, many of them for free. By using these tools, you can survey your competitors and learn more about how they work, what they do well, and what users get out of them. By absorbing all this information and making plans accordingly, you will be able to take the best from all your competitors and eliminate anything that doesn’t work.

Besides helping you find similar websites, Sitechecker has a lot more to offer. Check out this video to learn more about our services:

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Using a Similar Website Finder
Discover how to use our similar website finder.

Step 1: Insert Your Domain
Simply take the URL of your website, paste it into the search bar, and click on the arrow facing right.

Step 2: Results Analysis
The site will take a few seconds to find all sites similar to yours and display them as a list.

Cases When Similar Website Finder Is Needed
Before you make a site and start posting some content, you should find out whether your venture is profitable. For example, do you think anybody would use a video-sharing platform with features similar to YouTube if YouTube already existed? No. Things like TikTok and Vimeo only work because they offer different approaches and unique features to their users.

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Similarly, if you’re starting a blog, you need to know who is already producing content similar to yours. What kind of content do they produce? What is their audience base like? Information like this is necessary to tell you the chances of success. If these competitors have a monopoly on the market, then there is no profit in moving ahead.

On the other hand, if you are established in your niche industry, you need to always be on the lookout for upstarts and new ventures. Keep an eye on whether they are gathering steam and catching up to you. In any event, it is the sign of a mature content creator to keep their finger on the pulse of the market and understand where the winds are blowing.

By studying the alternatives, you stand to learn what is/isn’t working and find ways to improve. That is how you get better and reach the next level.

How To Analyze Similar Sites
You now know how to find a bunch of similar sites, but what do you do after finding them? Why, you study them, of course! It is the smart thing to do, and you should be checking out companies who compete with you. You can bet they’ll be doing the same to you.

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But what do you look for?

What is the site structure of the available alternatives? Is it similar to your own? Better? What page elements do they use that you don’t, and vice versa? What can you improve upon?
How many hits do they get on a daily basis? Which of them perform better? How is their performance when compared with you? What are they doing differently?
What kind of backlinks are they using? What sort of services pop up most? Are they linking to something you are not? Are they linking to things that you already do?
What are their keywords? What is their readability? Run their sites through an SEO checker and get as much out of it as you can.
Using Website Traffic Checker for better analysis
For the analysis you can also use our tool that checks site traffic. A website traffic checker does exactly what it says: it calculates a lot of data related to traffic. For example, if you run the URL through a website traffic checker, you will check:

Just how much traffic that page has received over at least a few months
How much traffic is being generated from different countries
What volume of traffic is being generated by different channels: organic search, referrals, direct search, etc
The top keywords used by the site, either organically or through paid means

In just a few moments, you will have all this data at your fingertips. If you run all the similar sites you found through this traffic checker, you will have similar data on all your competitors. You will know in which niches they work, where their traffic comes from, and how their site traffic compares to yours. It is a great tool for analyzing the internet market and tailoring strategies to meet these challenges.
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Sitechecker Audit & On-Page Competitor Analysis
An SEO audit is a tool that shows you how well you’re doing SEO-wise and where you can improve. The goal is to drive your site to the top of Google search results. This tool will help you manage that by checking your entire site and pages–and those of your competitors if you so choose–and giving you a detailed report about everything they have going for them. You can run our free on-page SEO checker or Google’s Website SEO Checker.

Sitechecker Backlink Checker for Competitor Analysis
You want a backlink checker to make sure that your backlinks are being used by sites that are getting a good amount of traffic and remove them from sites that are no longer relevant. By analyzing your competitors in this way, you gain insight into their performances and know what to do, what to avoid, and what keywords, anchors, and tags you should be taking advantage of.

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