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1000000 free backlinks - Textnews1.Com

1000000 free backlinks - Textnews1.Com 

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Backlink Maker in simple layman term is the Backlink Generator of your Website Backlinks automatically, by pinging to a different Website that provides backlink for a website. There are many Backlink Maker in Internet, however you need to be more cautious in generating automated backlinks, as if you generate more Backlink in short span of time, than search engine may think it as a Spammy beahviour, so they may penalty your website.

1000000 free backlinks

On a single day you need to focus only 100 Backlinks at most, and Backlink generation process should be gradual and you should not create 1000 Backlink in one day and on next day you halted your Backlink generation. SO you think as a website cannot have 1000 backlinks in a single day and in next day no new backlink, this Google thinks that it not an acceptable behaviour of website. Same way if you have 1000 Visitors in one day and Zero visitors in next day that means you have done wrong method to generate traffic. One alternative of getting referral traffic by creating Affiliate Website, and than create 1000000 Backlinks for affiliate website, so your parent website will not get harm.

You can increase your backlink count by various different method, We have listed out some of the correct method to increase backlink count. 1) Video Backlink Website by uploading Videos in Youtube, Dailymothion, Metacafe etc.

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2) Image Backlink Website by uploading Images in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa etc.

3) Social Backlink Website-> you better know this method by socialing in Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest etc.

4) Bookmarking Backlink Website -> There are many Bookmarking website exist.

5) PDF uploading Website

6) Web Directories Backlink Website

7) Infographics Websites

8) SEO Audit Tool Website

9) News Backlinks Website to come in News search.

1) Do not create 500 Backlinks in a Single day, 50-100 Backlinks is acceptable as long as your doing it regularly.
2) Create Backlinks with Anchor Keyword text.
3) Check for relavant Website similar to your website niche, example : if you have a Website related to Electronics, create Backlinks from Electronics related artcile/website, pages where Electronics subject is there etc.
4) Creating Backlinks from a Website with High Domain Authority is more powerful than very low Domain Authority.
5) Most Important factor of creating Backlink is Content, the more useful Content you will create it will have more impact in search engine, do not create backlinks with very less content in it.
6) Do not repeat same content every where in other website, duplicate content will have zero value, and search engine consider this as spam.

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